Rosie's Fund

Rosie's Fund

This adorable three-month-old puppy was surrendered into our care last week with a fractured elbow, resulting from an accidental fall from a height.

Will you donate to Rosie’s emergency fund to help cover the costs of her vital medical care?

Our Animal Ambulance picked Rosie up from an emergency vet clinic where she had undergone xrays and had her leg bandaged.

Since being in our care she has undergone minor surgery to repair ‘cherry eye’ (third eyelid prolapse), been given patches and medications to help ease her pain, and is being kept as comfortable as possible.

But the complex fracture will require orthopedic surgery to repair, which sadly doesn’t come cheap.

Even with a generous discount from our external vet partner, we estimate the surgery, rehabilitation, pain management, and x-rays, will set us back around $5,000.

We believe Rosie deserves to live a life free from pain, as part of a loving family. She has so much love to give, and at just three-months old, we are confident she will make a full recovery.

But we’re counting on animal lovers like you to help to cover the medical care costs for this brave, big-hearted pup. Will you show Rosie she has a friend in you?

*The goal for Rosie’s fundraiser includes the cost of orthopedic surgery to repair her fractured elbow, xrays, pain relief medication and patches, cherry eye surgery, desexing, post-operative care and rehabilitation. If her medical and care costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide veterinary care for other animals in need.


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Campaign progress

  • Goal: $5,000
  • Achieved: 72.8%
  • Days left: 0
  • No. donors: 31
  • Av. amount: $117

Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

Do you have friends, family or colleagues who might also want to help? Why not share news of your donation via social media. Every donation we receive goes a long way to expanding the work of RSPCA South Australia.

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Ellie aged 11, I choose to donate to Rosie because she is cute, and it's sad to see poor animals suffer.