Join RSPCA Rescue Team and help end animal suffering.

Join RSPCA Rescue Team and help end animal suffering.

It can take months of specialist treatment and loving care to help an abused animal recover from cruelty and neglect.

By joining RSPCA Rescue Team, you’ll be with these animals every step of the way.

Rescue Team is a compassionate and caring group of monthly givers on a mission to end animal suffering.

People like you, from every corner of South Australia, giving whatever they can to ensure every animal has a chance to live a happy and pain-free life.

Become a part of this life-saving movement and you’ll bring hope to hundreds of vulnerable animals each year.

You stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our inspectors, rescue officers, vets, animal care teams and volunteers, changing the lives of animals across SA.

Your monthly gift will mean that, when the next emergency call comes, you can help support an animal through the whole lifesaving journey.

Rescue. Recovery. Rehabilitation. Re-homing.

You’ll be there, by their side.

We’ll send you regular updates on how your loving gift is saving lives, and introduce you to the animals you’ve helped rescue.

Thank you for sharing your love with South Australian animals in need.