Rosie's Fund

Rosie's Fund

On the evening of Easter Sunday, a weary American Staffy called Rosie, suffering and close to defeat, sought refuge on the doorstep of a suburban home in Adelaide’s north.

The homeowner offered her food, water and a blanket to keep warm through the night, but when the poor girl was still there in the morning, weak and despondent, the RSPCA was called to the rescue.

When Rescue Officer Krista arrived, she was struck by the sad sight of Rosie lying helplessly on the step, her eyes seeming to plead for help. The first thing Krista noticed was a large mass of inflamed tissue protruding from Rosie’s vulva, known as prolapse. She was also suffering from swollen eyes and a leg injury that made her limp when she tried to stand.

It was a team effort to carefully lift and carry this big girl into the RSPCA animal ambulance on a stretcher. Despite being scared and in pain, Rosie stayed calm and sedate, as if she trusted that we were there to help her.

She was not microchipped or desexed, and no-one in the area recognised this sweet girl. Who knows how long she had been doing it tough living on the streets, soldiering through pain and discomfort, without a home to call her own.

Rosie was in such a bad state that it was deemed best to take her straight to an animal emergency clinic open during this public holiday. Here, veterinary staff administered fluids and pain relief, performed initial tests, and provided urgent treatment to reduce the prolapse.

Rosie is now in the safe hands of the RSPCA vet team, and is already starting to look brighter, but she still has a long way to go. Will you help us give Rosie the care and love she deserves?

Prolapse is often found in female dogs that have not been spayed, causing significant discomfort and painful urination. Fortunately, desexing eliminates this problem, and our vet team will undertake this procedure as soon as possible.

Rosie will also need surgery to fix the entropion she suffers from – a condition in which the eyelids turn inwards so that the eyelashes rub against the eyeball constantly. You know how uncomfortable it is when you get an eyelash stuck in your eye? Imagine that, but magnified and in both eyes, all the time.

Our vet team have advised that the treatment Rosie still requires will cost around $2000, in addition to the $2,500 in costs already incurred at the emergency vet clinic.  As a stray with no trace of previous owners, these costs and the responsibility for her care will fall to us.

Rosie reached out to humans in her most desperate hour, and we won’t let her down. She’s still a fairly young dog – our vet team estimates she is just four years old, so she has her whole life ahead of her.

As a charity that relies on the support of our community to care for animals like Rosie, we need your help to make the rest of her life as happy and healthy as we can.

Will you donate to Rosie’s emergency fund to help cover the costs of her treatment, and give her a chance at a better life? 

With the right treatment, and with your support, we are confident Rosie will have a bright future ahead of her. One in which she is free of constant pain and discomfort, living the life she deserves in a safe home with a loving new family.

A weary looking American Staffy, Rosie, lies on a doorstep

*The goal for Rosie’s fundraiser includes the cost of pain relief, initial treatment and overnight care at the Animal Emergency Centre, as well as treatment by the RSPCA vet team including desexing, eye surgery, blood tests, post-operative care and rehabilitation. If her medical and care costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.

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Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

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