Your love can save lives.

Your love can save lives.

Thank you for being there for SA’s most vulnerable animals in their time of need.

When three tiny kittens found themselves in a tight spot, Rescue Officer Heidi (pictured) and volunteer Richard, were there to lend a hand.

Two kittens were rescued from a roof space, but the third had slipped and got stuck in the wall cavity. The desperate meows could be heard, but the kitten remained elusive!

After moving some bricks and using a snake-eye camera to locate the poor kitty, they were able to get the little one out, safe and sound.

Our Rescue Officers receive no government funding for the vital service they provide, which means rescues like this are made possible only with the kindness of animal lovers like you.

Your loving gift today can help rescue animals from danger and provide all the love and care they need to be ready for new forever homes.

Thank you for your life-changing compassion for all creatures great and small.

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