Harley's Fund

Harley's Fund

He came into our care as a stray in a dire state, looking worse for wear from his time on the streets.

But underneath his bedraggled and tough exterior, we discovered Harley’s heart of gold.

Will you help cover the costs of this big softie’s treatment and recovery, and give him a well-deserved second chance?

Under the loving care of our vet team, Harley has already undergone wound care, blood tests, desexing and teeth extractions, and been given a variety of medications to help him feel better.

He still needs additional dental surgery and further treatment for his infected ears before he’s ready for adoption.

His medical costs are expected to total over $2,000, and with high animal care numbers currently at our Lonsdale shelter, your kindness is needed to help cover the final stages of Harley’s treatment.

Every team member who has met Harley describes him as a lovely, friendly boy, and we’re confident he’ll make someone a loving companion once he’s recovered.

Thank you for opening your heart to cats like Harley with a loving gift to his emergency fund.


raised of $2,500 goal

Campaign progress

  • Goal: $2,500
  • Achieved: 81.4%
  • Days left: 37
  • No. donors: 61
  • Av. amount: $33

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Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

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