Macgyver's Fund

Macgyver's Fund

We have just received the below email from one of our vets, about a cat in urgent need of medical treatment.

Will you chip in to help cover the costs of Macgyver’s surgery, treatment and care, to give this smoochy stray a second chance?


Hi all

We have had another cat come in who needs urgent medical treatment.

This beautiful boy was brought in today as a stray, by a member of the public, and we’ve name him Macgyver. He came in with a home-job bandage around his neck –> a nappy and sticky tape.

Underneath he had a large, chronic wound which will require surgical intervention (debridement, stitch-up and likely a drain). I’m sending him to vet centre this afternoon to see what can be done.

He also has entropion of both of his eyes (a painful condition in which the eyelids fold in), which will require another surgery at a later date and medication in the meantime to keep him comfortable.

(continued below)…

In addition, he has nasty ear infections which need flushing, medications and revisits. 

He is such a lovely cat… he would be in significant discomfort from his multiple health issues but he just loves LOVE and was purring as soon as we got him out of his carrier!

It was difficult to hear his heart because he was purring so much –> side note: he does have a heart murmur too! We had to be so gentle and careful with him because he was so intent on trying to smooch us ? 

I would estimate his total medical costs at around $1,800. Any support we can get from the community would be so greatly appreciated. 


Dr Lauren E
RSPCA South Australia


***The goal for Macgyver’s fundraiser includes the cost of surgery for his wound, entropian surgery, medication, and recovery in foster care. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need of urgent veterinary treatment.***


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Sending love dear Macgyver ❤
Good luck with surgery Macgyver!