Axel's Fund

Axel's Fund

Suffering two broken front legs and trauma to his face after being hit by a car, Axel the tabby cat only narrowly avoided a tragic fate.

He was rushed to a local vet after being found by a member of the public in a critical condition. A scan revealed he was microchipped but the phone number was disconnected, and posts to Lost Pets pages returned no leads.

Being in such a bad way, and with no owner in sight, Axel’s prospects were looking grim.  

Fortunately for him, we were alerted of his predicament, and we are determined to give this poor cat a second chance. Rescue Officer Heidi collected Axel the following morning, and he was taken to our Lonsdale shelter to see what our vet team could do.

They conducted x-rays on a sedated Axel, which found both his front legs were fractured in multiple places (see x-ray of his left leg below). He also had a broken jaw, causing his face to swell and his mouth and nose to bleed.  Poor Axel really was in a very bad way.

The team administered strong pain relief and secured his front legs with stabilising bandages and splints.

Axel is now awaiting specialist surgery with one of our external vet partners, who will do their best to save and fix both legs.

But the severity of his injuries mean that surgery and ongoing medical costs will soar into the thousands.

As a community-funded charity, we can’t cover these costs without your support.

Without a family to depend upon, Axel is relying on the kindness of animal lovers like you to be there for him at his time of greatest need.

The rehabilitation process will be extensive, requiring at least six weeks of cage rest with a dedicated foster carer. But we are hopeful that this approximately four-year-old cat will eventually make a full recovery, and be able to play and run around in a loving new forever home.

We believe Axel deserves a fighting chance – will you donate to help get him back on his feet?

Incredibly, despite his suffering, our vets describe Axel as a smoochy and affectionate boy, and an absolute darling.

He has especially stolen the heart of vet nurse Jodie, who has been taking every opportunity to give him extra pats and attention while he is recovering in the vet centre.

It didn’t take him long to regain his appetite, and increase his movement, which is testament to his resilient spirit, and a positive sign for his recovery prospects.

Thank you for helping us give animals like Axel the urgent, life-saving medical support they need.


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