Animals like Merlin need your help now

Animals like Merlin need your help now

Will you help save them from fear, pain and neglect?

Thank you so much for adopting from RSPCA South Australia. Your decision to adopt, not shop, truly is life-saving.

Each year, thousands of vulnerable animals come into our care – and you can play a direct role in saving them, just like you’ve saved your own adopted pet.

You can save dogs like poor Merlin, who was found in terrible physical condition at an unoccupied Kilburn property, in Adelaide’s inner-north.

Merlin was so fearful, he actually shrieked when our rescue officers first approached…

Your donation provides urgent vet treatment when it’s needed most

Merlin’s fur was so matted one of his ears was fused to the fur on his shoulder. Our veterinarians carefully clipped his entire coat off. It was only then that the true extend of his emaciation was revealed.

The poor boy weighed just 3.4kg and had a body score of one out of nine – the lowest score a dog can have and still be alive.

As our animal welfare inspectors began their investigation into Merlin’s case, our skilled vets continued to provide him with round-the-clock care to help him recover and gain weight slowly.

Justice for little Merlin – thanks to people like you

It was only because of kind-hearted people like you that we were able to save Merlin.

We also prosecuted his former owner, who had allowed Merlin to get into that frightening condition. Convicted of neglect she was banned from owning more animals.

We were delighted when Merlin finally found a loving forever home, where he is now so happy and loved.

As a charity 91% funded by community donations, none of this – the rescue, vet treatment, rehabilitation, court case and rehoming – would be possible without gifts from people like you.

Please, will you help save another life and make a donation today?

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