Wally's Fund

Wally's Fund

When Inspector Krista first saw Wally, she thought he had no eyes.

She was shocked when she realised they were badly swollen and glued shut with a thick, milky pus.

Just weeks old, Wally was saved from neglect, along with his three siblings. These sick, vulnerable kittens hadn’t received the veterinary care they urgently needed.

Wally suffered irreparable damage to his right eye, caused by severe cat flu and secondary infections. It was at risk of bursting, which would have been extremely painful.

Our vet team determined it needed to be removed – and there was no time to waste.

In between vet visits, Wally (and his siblings) are living with a big-hearted foster carer, who regularly bathes his eyes and administers medicated eye drops three times a day.

We’re confident that with your kindness we’ll be able to save Wally’s left eye, which has been responding well to treatment so far.

The medical care bill for Wally and his three siblings will be at least $2000. As a community-funded charity, we rely on compassionate animal lovers like you to cover these costs.

RSPCA Senior Vet Dr Fauve Buckley shared, “This kitten is extremely sweet and will make a loving pet for someone once he recovers”.

Thank you for your loving contribution to Wally’s emergency fund.

*The goal for this fundraiser includes the cost of eye removal surgery, pain relief and post-operative care for Wally, and cat flu medication for Wally and his siblings. If his medical costs are less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.*


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Campaign progress

  • Goal: $2,500
  • Achieved: 90.8%
  • Days left: 4
  • No. donors: 52
  • Av. amount: $44

Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

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