You can be his hero.

You can be his hero.

Make an urgent donation and give hope to injured animals like Axel.

Your support ensures animals who’ve survived the worst no longer have to suffer. Because of you, these vulnerable animals get the medical treatment they need and the love they deserve.

You offer them protection. You give them a second chance at life.

Please donate today to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals across South Australia.

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$50.00 /month
I wish I could give more and consistently, but sadly I can't being on Disability Pension. I will absolutely spare whatever I can though! Animals are innocent, sentient creatures, that are worthy of rights; to be protected and cared for. I very much encourage anyone reading this to consider donating what you can to the RSPCA - the work they do is incredible. Thank you to the RSPCA for all that you do, you make this world a better place ❤️
Wendy Henderson
I think it’s important that these dogs and carers I’ve got help I kind of read that the building got sold so it’s left you in a bit of a spot but people like you and us all stick together that help the babies and older dogs and cats and I appreciate everything you’re doing for this beautiful kindness to the animals much love Wendy