Bear's Fund

Bear's Fund

When Bear, a young Heeler X, came into our care earlier this week, he was terrified, in pain and barely able to walk.

Poor Bear was hit by a motorbike back in Dec 2020, resulting in nerve damage that left him lame in his right front leg. Unfortunately no x-rays were taken at the time, so the full extent of the injuries were not known.

Having suffered this injury for over two months, his wrist and toes were grazed and bruised from dragging his foot along the floor, and the muscles in his leg had all but wasted away, to a point where it could not be saved.

Our vet team assessed that amputation was the best option to alleviate his suffering and give him the best chance at a new start.

Most pet owners know major surgery is expensive. As an already stretched organisation, following a particularly challenging year, we are acutely aware of this.

But at RSPCA South Australia, the welfare of animals always comes first, and we trusted that our community would get behind us to help cover the cost of Bear’s veterinary care and rehabilitation. Not wanting to prolong his suffering any further, the team successfully operated a few days ago, and Bear is now recuperating with significant pain relief.

Now, we need your support to help fund Bear’s surgery, as well as his recovery, rehabilitation, and care until he is ready to be adopted into a loving new family.

It is clear that this poor boy has had a tough start to life. There is too much sadness and fear in his eyes for a dog that is not much older than a year.

With your help, we want to do all we can to help restore his faith in humans, and put a wag back in his tail. We know dogs are incredibly resilient, and we are confident that with time and care, Bear will soon adjust to life on three legs.

Shelter staff member Tenelle describes Bear as a sweet but fearful boy, which is understandable after all he has been through.

“His eyes were so expressive – I could see how scared he was,” Tenelle recalled. “Despite this fear, he mustered up the courage to move towards me, and even gently leaned on me as I crouched down to feed him. It broke my heart that he had been sad for so long.”

Tenelle and the animal care team are committed to working one-on-one with Bear, giving him the patience, love and support he needs to be ready to find his forever home.

Please donate to Bear’s fund and help us reach our goal, so we can give him the second chance he deserves.


*The goal for Bear’s fundraiser includes the cost of surgery, post-operative care and rehabilitation. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.

Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

Do you have friends, family or colleagues who might also want to help? Why not share news of your donation via social media. Every donation we receive goes a long way to expanding the work of RSPCA South Australia.

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