Bodhi's Fund

Bodhi's Fund

When RSPCA Inspector Stuart first met Bodhi, the three-year-old Staffy X had a lump the size of a cricket ball behind his ear and was shaking his head obsessively.

Bodhi suffers from a serious chronic infection in both ears – so bad that it has caused the ear canals to calcify, hardening over the opening.

Tragically, this severe ear disease has robbed Bodhi of his hearing, leaving him permanently deaf.

Since coming into our care, Bodhi has received extensive treatment from our in-house vet team, including regular ear and abscess flushing, long courses of antibiotics and medication for pain management.

But his infection is so severe that the inflammation has now closed over the ear, rendering treatment with antibiotics ineffective.

We refuse to give up on him, and have sought the help of an external vet to perform surgery to remove Bodhi’s inflamed ear canals.

The costs for his multiple surgeries, lab tests, medication and care are already well into the thousands, and as a community-funded charity, we are struggling to shoulder this financial burden on our own.

We urgently need your support to help cover Bodhi’s mounting vet bills, and ensure we can fund the last major stage of his treatment.

*** UPDATE: Loyal RSPCA supporter Di was so moved by Bodhi’s story that she has generously offered to match all donations to his Emergency Fund, up to $7000 – incredible!

That means your donation will go twice as far to help Bodhi, and other animals in need of urgent medical care. Your $50 donation = $100 ***

This surgery will remove the irreparably infected and very sore inflamed tissue in his right ear.

It will prevent repeated infections and abscesses developing in and around his ears, and save poor Bodhi from enduring any more pain and discomfort.

Will you help Bodhi rediscover a life without persistent pain?

Sadly, we cannot restore Bodhi’s hearing. But we can save him from constant agony, and give him a chance at a future free from suffering.

All going well, we hope Bodhi will be ready to find his forever home in around two months’ time, once he has fully recovered from the surgeries and the infection has completely cleared.

He is already making great progress in foster, gaining weight and confidence, and allowing his dedicated foster carer to patiently provide him with all the TLC he needs.

Bodhi’s name is of Indian origin, meaning “understanding the true nature of things”. His foster carer Rhapsody says this holds true and reflects his trust, resilience, patience and love for all who cross his path.

Despite his hardship, Bodhi has put his faith in humans, and we want to prove to him it is well founded. Can he count on you to be there for him at his time of greatest need?

Thank you for chipping in what you can to Bodhi’s emergency fund to help cover this vital medical treatment that will change his life forever.

*The goal for Bodhi’s fundraiser includes the cost of two major surgeries, lab fees, medication, abscess and ear flushes, post-operative care and rehabilitation. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need

Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

Do you have friends, family or colleagues who might also want to help? Why not share news of your donation via social media. Every donation we receive goes a long way to expanding the work of RSPCA South Australia.

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Dear Bodhi, Sending you lots of pats as you recover. Our friend Andrew told us about the RSPCA SA. We are very grateful to everyone helping you
Get better soon Bodhi