Popcorn's Fund

Popcorn's Fund

Last week our animal ambulance responded to a call from a member of the public who had found a young female cat in a bad state, likely as the result of a dog attack.

Shivering and twitching, her leg appeared swollen and floppy, and she seemed unable to move.

When RSPCA Rescue Officer Heidi arrived at the scene, poor Popcorn (as she was later named) was scared and in obvious pain, with a suspected broken leg. Still, the brave little cat offered up a few hopeful meows when Heidi began talking to her, allowing the rescue officer to place her in a carrier, to be transported straight to our Lonsdale shelter for an urgent vet check.

Examinations confirmed that Popcorn had indeed broken both bones in her right foreleg, and had severe bruising on her abdomen that left it black and blue.

Due to the significant swelling, our vet team suspects her injuries were a few days old by the time she came into our care.

They wasted no time in splinting the fractured leg, and prescribing pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications to help ease her suffering.

As she’s still very young, the prognosis for Popcorn is strong, and the vet team is confident her injuries will heal well if she receives the ongoing treatment and care she needs. As a community-funded charity, we need your support to ensure this happens.

All of our veterinary care, including unexpected emergencies like this, is 100% funded through community donations.

Popcorn’s leg will need to remain in a splint for 8 weeks, with the vet team assessing her progress after 2 weeks and undertaking more xrays to determine if further treatment is needed.

Best case scenario, Popcorn’s leg will heal with just the splint (maybe ending up with one leg slightly shorter than the other)! Worst case scenario, the leg may need to be amputated if it doesn’t heal well naturally.

Will you donate to Popcorn’s emergency fund to help cover the costs of her care, and give her the best chance possible of a full recovery?

Popcorn is currently in a loving foster home with Sarah, one of our vet nurse assistants, being kept under crate-rest while her injuries heal. Sarah was there when Rescue Officer Heidi first brought Popcorn into the shelter, and was immediately won over by her affectionate and trusting nature, in spite of her suffering.

This sweet young cat has been through a traumatic and painful ordeal that no animal deserves. Your support will allow us to provide her with the care she needs, ready for a fulfilling life in a loving new forever home.


*The goal for Popcorn’s fundraiser includes the cost of diagnosis, xrays, splinting, pain relief, future surgery if required, post-operative care and rehabilitation. If her medical and care costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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Thank you for your donation!

Your kindness will make a huge difference to the safety and wellbeing of animals in South Australia.

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